• Yellow Eyed Pilsner

    Yellow Eyed Pilsner

    Hoiho (Yellow-eyed penguins) are thought to be the world's rarest penguin species. They can be found throughout the Catlins coast,…

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  • White Squall Wheat Beer

    White Squall Wheat Beer

    The unforgiving Catlins coast shows no mercy for vessels caught in its wild storms. The steamer ship Tararua succumbed to…

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  • Port Molyneux IPA

    Port Molyneux IPA

    In 1840 the good ship ‘Portenia’ first arrived at the Clutha mouth docking in Port Molyneux. On board were a…

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  • Nuggety Black Stout

    Nuggety Black Stout

    Nugget Point is one of the most iconic landforms on the New Zealand coast. Its a steep headland with a…

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  • Manuka Smoked Ale Scotch Mist

    Manuka Smoked Ale Scotch Mist

    Some Highland single malt whiskeys are famous for their peat smokiness and this beer captures that quality using a unique…

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  • Kaka Point Gold Golden Ale

    Kaka Point Gold Golden Ale

    On 23rd May 1861 Gabriel Read gained esteem and government bonuses when he struck gold in Lawrence. This heralded the…

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  • Honey Scrumpy

    Honey Scrumpy

    The Catlins railway line opened in 1879 and for the next 100 years carried logs and people to the busy…

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