Catlins Brewery in a home garage at Kaka Point, which debuted at 2014 beerfest and is now hand-bottling a range of several beers.

Some (like Bitter South, White Squall) are named to reflect the region's weather, especially Chilli South: hot stuff!

Look out for the wheat beer which is infused with Earl Grey tea (its lemon character is more obvious when not chilled). If coffee is put in dark beer, why not tea in other styles?

Catlins' Honey Scrumpy has a touch of honey flavour, but not the sweetness. It has, in fact, one of the lowest residual sugar levels of any cider on the market: no more than 4gs compared with up to 50gs in a 500ml bottle. The apples come from old trees grown from apple cores thrown out hte carriage window ages ago by passengers along a now defunct railway line.

Ric Oram,

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